Welcome to LCCS

Log Church Christian School is housed by the Community Log Church (CLC).  The school is unique in that it is not governed by the church or principal but rather by the teachers and is considered to be a ministry of our church.  There are approximately 100 students currently enrolled in the school with a strong, active Parent/Teacher Organization in place. Grades preschool through 6th grade use the Abeka curriculum while the high school classes use Abeka as well as a variety of other reputable, Christ-centered resources.

Engaging Curriculum

LCCS uses a Christ-centered curriculum. Our teachers have a passion for education and we are eager to promote active learning in our classrooms.

Compassionate Teachers

Our staff not only have the knowledge and expertise needed with modern-day education, but also the warmth and understanding necessary for success.

Promoting Education through God

Here at LCCS we believe in the strength of God, and we encourage our students to follow in His footsteps.